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Initiate Wellness

This is the perfect opportunity to create a space for provider wellness within your institution. Ensuring whole health of your providers, maintaining wellness, and addressing burnout is best achieved with institutional support.

Ready to get started? The Whole Clinician can help you evaluate your current practices, help you highlight what is already available to your providers, and create a plan to continue to move forward and allow your institution to evaluate opportunities to visibly stand up a wellness initiative.

Consider it a rapid and quick deep dive to support a culture shift that supports provider well-being which improves patient care as well as institutional financial stability and longevity.

Enhance Wellness

For institutions who have begun to focus on wellness but are ready to enhance their program and take it to the next step this is for you. 

Ready to create a multi-dimensional approach to your wellness program, address provider support from multiple angles, and commit to your provider's wellbeing for the long term? The Enhanced Wellness program will guide you to a sustainable wellness program to be stood up for the long term.

Using research and science based evidence this program can help ensure you become a leading institution that providers want to work for.

Embody Wellness

Are you ready to establish yourself as an institutional leader in wellness? This is the program for you. 

You understand the value of institutional wellness for your providers and you've already taken steps to support this. Now you want to ensure that the culture of your institution embodies whole clinicians and complete wellness. 

Now is the time to stand up a program that will continue to be part of your institutions legacy.

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