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Katie Schneider, MD is a board certified family medicine physician who has worked in a variety of medical environments, including rural towns and larger cities, small private clinics and large hospital systems, as well as both outpatient and inpatient practices. She recognizes the demands of medicine and the need for fluid improvement.


Dr. Schneider earned her medical degree at George Washington University and completed her family medicine residency at The Family Medicine Residency of Idaho. She currently splits her time between practicing as an inpatient hospitalist, working in an outpatient clinic, attending at residency clinics, and leading the Whole Clinician.


Dr. Schneider has developed a passion for clinician wellness, whole life balance, resiliency, and burnout recovery and prevention. She has been formally trained in coaching, and is a certified physician development coaching.

"As a practicing physician, I understand the internal and external pressures facing today's clinicians, both inside and outside of their careers. I've seen the destruction that comes with poor work-life balance and burnout, as well as the beauty of fulfilled practicing clinicians. I've seen coaching transform lives to create positive space and re-energize careers. I am personally fulfilled by helping others understand what it means to be a whole clinician."

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